Why in the World Would Kanye Return to Fashion Week?

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The only good thing about Kayne West's debut as a "fashion designer" last season was that he didn't cry when he took his final bow — we're looking at you Lindsay Lohan. Reviews went from terrible ("Good thing Kayne West has a day job") to merciless ("Kanye West's fashion debut was like being subjected to an hour long MRI scan — but not as much fun").


His clothes didn't fit, maybe in part because he had Christine Centenera, Harper's Bazaar Australia's fashion editor consult on his line, rather than getting a bona fide fashion designer to help him; and every outfit, all 23 of them, was met with scorn from the fashion industry's leading critics. But Kanye's back for more. Maybe he doesn't give a shit what Cathy Horyn or Suzy Menkes have to say about his talents as a fashion designer, or maybe the egomaniac in him just wants to have a shot at silencing his critics. Either way, he's undeterred and giving Fashion Week in Paris another crack on March 6th.

This Kayne West we're talking about; he can't look like he failed. He has no qualms about proclaiming himself king, whether of hip-hop, fashion, or culture in general, so why would he care what a bunch of snooty-nosed fashion editors had to say about him? He doesn't, because he is so much bigger than that, right?

Whether or not he's really only coming back to save face is the boring part though. Getting to see if he's actually learned anything from the scathing reviews (and hopefully proving us all wrong) will make for some much-needed Fashion Week coverage that's actually interesting. It's either a comeback story or some classic schadenfreude — a narrative of some sort, which is more than we normally get during show season.

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Ari Schwartz: Dark Lord of the Snark

I know it's fun to hate on Kanye, but, having given his new work a spin (I'm really behind on music, I know,) I was shocked to find out that he's really really good at this whole "hippity hop" thing.

Like, really good.

It makes it even more annoying to me when someone is talented when he's also a putz. But, given that most of his behavior is mostly just schmucky stupidity rather than outright meanness, I gave him a pass and one more shot, music-wise. I'm pretty glad that I did.

I'll be damned if the guy doesn't get a throbbing erection every time he sees himself in the mirror, though.