Why In Hell Does David Arquette Have A Fashion Line?

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  • David Arquette starts fashion line. With Ben Harper. It involves "cuffed trousers cut out of cool chambray, vests accented with bow snaps, minidresses screen-printed with clusters of chubby birds and ruched boyshorts for bikini sets. The palette is intended to be timeless in navy, red, white and yellow." [WWD]
  • SNL's costume designer on Palin: “In speaking with her, I had to get her to understand why she needed to wear the same thing as Tina. We had gone off and created it for the first time a month ago, a look we identified as Sarah Palin. She had moved on in her own image of herself. I said, ‘I know you’ve moved on, you’re wearing tighter clothes, more black,­ but this is the character of Sarah Palin.’’ [WWD]
  • Sarah Palin wigs top-sellers amongst Orthodox women! [NY Post]
  • RNC says that of course all $150,000 worth of donation-funded Palin togs will go to charity. "'All of the clothes purchased by the RNC (not the campaign) will be donated,' the RNC's campaign spokeswoman, Marie Comella, tells WWD. 'The RNC purchased the items, continues to own them and will donate them at the conclusion of the campaign.'"
  • Piper Palin carries a fake Vuitton bag. [Fashionista]
  • Kid Rock's Made in Detroit clothing line is working to start a music scholarship program with Wayne State University. "The Detroit apparel line will create 2,500 limited edition T-shirts bearing the school's name and the 'Made in Detroit' logo, which features a factory worker, carrying a large wrench, in silhouette." Wait, that's the scholarship program? [AP]
  • Models at India's Fashion Week made up to look bruised, bloodied and bandaged. Taste: ur doin it rong.[Guardian]
  • The "GOP spending spree" included $20 on sewing supplies. Yes, this apparently qualifies as news. [NY Times]
  • Our crappy equivalent of the Faberge egg, Victoria's Secret latest exorbitant bra, is here! The "Black Diamond Fantasy Miracle Bra", worth $5 million, contains 3,900 black diamonds, white diamonds and rubies and weighs 1,500-carats. [UPI]
  • Back in the real world, Tahari lays off 35. [WWD]
  • Oy. L'Oreal lays off 200. [BBC]
  • Johnny come lately Marc Jacobs releases a pro-Obama shirt. [Racked]
  • Celebs end world hunger, then go to an after-party. Quoth costume designer William Ivey Long: "I feel guilty that we're going to eat now after a hunger thing. Maybe we should jog or something? Oh, well! With all my guilt I'm going." [Observer]
  • New medical smart fabrics can monitor muscular overload and monitor a baby’s heartbeat. Good for those of us without insurance! [Science Daily]
  • Burberry creative director Christopher Bailey on "the Burberry woman": "She's disheveled elegant, loves beautifully crafted pieces that have a sense of history or heritage, but don't feel too precious. She likes things that feel as if they have been touched by hands, instead of intimidating, scary things." [Los Angeles Times]
  • Manolo Blahnik is "obsessed with milkshakes." [Fashionista]
  • Urban Outfitters' new concept stores, "We Are Free," sound kinda like Urban Renewal, except, um, less free. [WWD]
  • The life of a Brooks Brothers window dresser: "I’ve got weddings coming up. Once you start getting in your 20s, people start getting married, and it’s so weird. And then they start having kids, and it’s weirder." [NY Times]
  • Parents confront slutoween. [LA Times]
  • Lauren Hutton making a comeback? Awesome! [Fashionista]
  • Liz Claiborne's outlook: dismal. [WSJ]
  • Can designers please stop making hotel employees wear ridiculous getups? No? No. [WWD]
  • This new book on the history of shoes sounds pretty fascinating. [ElleUK]



I'm confused - the RNC keeps saying that they're going to donate the clothes at the end of the campaign - have they given up, or if they win is Sarah going to have to go naked?