Like, Hi! We are blond Jezebel, also known as the dumb one, and we just started reading this disterbing article in the New York Times today by some guy, about why blonds continue being dumb, like in all the internet forwards, even when we totally always find ourselves in bed with these doctors we THINK are just, you know, like, hot and rich but who actually turn out to be SUPER smart as well, like using big words like "MRI" all the time, and we lie in there beds and think what would happen if the condom broke (which happens a lot, sometimes) and we had children by Smart Doctor Guy, and because of his DNA sampels our babies would be smart as well? Cause I know for a fact that if I had been smarter in school I wouldn't have had time for cheerleading and if I had been smarter in college like that girl in Theta that we only let in so we would raise the average GPA, I wouldn't have realized that everyone talked shit about how fat I was getting

at the mixers she couldn't come to because she was too busy studying (the oreos!) And I DEFINATELY wouldn't of gotten that call from Mandy at that recruiter that gets cheerleaders jobs in pharma sales where we have to talk to new doctors every day and I get a company car and BOXES of free cialis. Which is how I wound up in this position (you know, missionary, ha ha) in the first place! In conclusion I will make sure my children do not get too smart. Like the New York Times guy said:

If blondes are perceived as more attractive, then being blond may create valuable opportunities that do not require onerous investments in education and training. The dumb blonde stereotype may thus stem from the fact that blondes rationally choose to invest less than others in education and other forms of human capital.


Despite Dumb Jokes, Stereotypes May Reflect Some Smart Choices [NY Times]