The very observant people who run a Beyoncé fan site noticed that Nicki Minaj's Twitter avatar was actually a photo of Beyoncé with Minaj's face (poorly) Photoshopped on top.

It was likely someone in Minaj's camp that did it, as we're guessing that the singer doesn't spend her time doctoring pictures of herself in Photoshop. And there are a few weird things about the situation. The first is that it's not like this is a particularly iconic image of Beyoncé—like say, the Crazy in Love album cover—to which Minaj would be making some kind of referential tribute. Added to that, after it was pointed out, the photo was removed from Minaj's Twitter account with no acknowledgment that it was a joke or a mistake or anything. And if it was a mistake, and Minaj thought that it was a legitimate photo of herself, it is so bizarre that she didn't remember that she never actually looked like that.

[Fuck Yeah Beyonce]