Why Do You Really Shave Your Legs?

This video asks an age-old question that I'm sure lots of us have asked ourselves every time we nick our skin on accident—why do women shave their legs?

Put together by Buzzfeed, this video asks a variety of women that very question and includes a few historical tidbits about the ritual. As long as we're all sharing on this fine Friday, I shave my legs because I like the way they feel when they are all smooth and soft. Plus I like to spoil myself with a shitload of unnecessary shaving products because I am a beauty product hoarder. So ladies: Why do you like to shave your legs?

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Yoga Nerd, Maybe Dead

Honestly, I do it because freshly-shaved legs feel fucking fantastic. I love lotioning them and getting between clean sheets, or putting on silky pants. I'm far too lazy to do something purely for aesthetic purposes or to "please society" - the better question is why do I shave my ARMPITS? That's something I do more for others than for myself, I think.