Dodai: Maybe we should do a point/counterpoint post. I really like "Video Games." I am not the biggest LDR fan, but I do feel like a dude can cultivate a look and give himself a ridic name and not get the same tear-down. Bono's real name is PAUL.


Jessica: Oh it's not her name that bothers me at all.

Dodai: Ha, ok.

Jessica: Maybe it's this! From the SFJ piece:

…a character she has described as a "gangster Nancy Sinatra" and "Lolita lost in the hood."


Jessica: It's not that the artist is a character, it's that the choice of character is unappealing to me.

Dodai: Okay. I don't think that is why people are attacking her, though. But I mean if you don't like it, that's fair. But that part doesn't seem manufactured, it's not even reaching that far for a twenty-something NY/LA girl's taste.


Jessica: I'm mulling. Maybe it's also that the character/act isn't convincing, and that's where one feels "tricked."

Dodai: Or maybe you just hate women! Hahaha!

Jessica: Well, yes! I'm waging war from within! And I am not going to lie, the lip bothers me. Good cosmetic work, great, go for it — but bad cosmetic work bothers me in general. The poor construction of a character combined with the poor use of injectionables is just too much. Makes it impossible for me to buy what she's selling.


Jessica: And I hate women.

Dodai: Britney, Christina, Timberlake all had post-Disney nose jobs, Brit and Christina had lip injections and implants. And Lindsay's fucking lips! But I feel like if you pick a character, like Ziggy Stardust or Alice Cooper… The guys do whatever to transform themselves. Kid Rock! Rick Ross pretends to be some kind of international playboy in his videos and was a corrections officer before he got a record deal. NICKI MINAJ! Butt implants! Wigs! Lolita in the hood, personified.


Jessica: Listen, you are winning here. And no man would have to deal with this level of scrutiny. I'm still not sure what bugs me about Lana that doesn't bug me about pretty much anyone else, but there's nonetheless something about her that I just can't get behind. Maybe it's the music itself — "deep" and "artsy" — contrasting with how I perceive her, as a fabrication.


Jessica: I do hate culture. I eat frozen dinners for breakfast.

Dodai: I can't believe we had this whole discussion and I didn't bring up Gaga.