Why Do We Have Sex? Our Boss Instructed Us To...

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We here at Jezebel realize Web 2.0 properties like ourselves are the future of media, but we hope we never appear to marginalize the awesome influence accumulated over years of hard-hitting investigative journalism that marks the nation's Fourth Estate. Today the New York Times, in what might be the biggest coup for anonymously sourced content since the Pentagon Papers, announces it has actually altered the content of that definitive 237 Reasons To Have Sex study by "certifying" forty extra reasons to have sex those college students didn't think of. As with us, their best reasons came from the citizenry itself, posting bravely under pseudonyms such as "Grandma Biscuit" and a few are actually good.

9. Because it was a religious obligation.
22. So I could tell others how bad the person was in bed.
34. Because of "sexosomnia."
35. Because the leader of my group instructed me to do so.


(Note to self: find new religion.) Anyway, this latest development in this compelling national story reminded us of a few things. Firstly, if 35. worked for American Apparel or Club Med, what the hell are they doing reading the New York Times?

Secondly, "Sexsomnia" is for real. A guy we used to date totally didn't remember the first time he attempted to have sex with us. About four of our friends were crammed into his bed during a summer music festival in his town, because his was the only room with A/C (sound familiar?) and he rolled over and started whispering to us in a Jarvis Cocker accent he'd been trying out earlier. "It all seemed so innocent, but now you're here, and I like you, awll right." Anyway, we laughed, rolled over, and forgot about it ourselves because we were drunk.

Our Readers Find 40 Certified New Reasons To Have Sex [NYT]
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@sarrible: Sexsomina is much, much creepier than that.

It's an excuse guys use when they roll over and enter their girlfriend while she's still sleeping - whether she's into the idea or not.

Supposedly they are "asleep" as well and have no idea what they are doing.