Why Do We Always Cry More For The Animals?

  • The dolphin calf born to a deaf mother five days ago died earlier this afternoon as a result of respiratory problems. [CNN]
  • Do not fuck with Church of England. And definitely do not put any of their cathedrals in your violent video games, yo. [BBC]
  • Want to ensure you'll win custody of your children? Have them videotape you wasted. Nothing says "not dangerous to self or others" like hi-def drunkenness. Congrats, David Hasselhoff! [CNN]
  • The Clintons have done this whole running-for-president thing before. That's why they know to liquidate their assets NOW. [CNN]
  • Courtney Love is trying to quit smoking. 2 out of 3 Jezebel editors scoff. [People.com]
  • Stephen Hawking is writing a book for middle-schoolers. We'll probably understand a little over half of it. [USA Today]
  • A nursing home for dogs with puppies to keep the old dogs feeling youn? Only in Japan. [CNN]
  • 1 U.S. casualty identified today. [DoD]

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While human babies are cute, they are noisy and kind of boring. Baby animals are much more entertaining, unless the human baby is yours, of course. The problem with most parents is that they think that their children are as fascinating to you as they are to them.