Have you ever wondered why men become gynecologists? What prompts guys like Danny Castellano of The Mindy Project or Bill Masters on Masters of Sex to take up a speculum and go to work? Well, someone investigated and it got pretty ... interesting.

According to New York magazine, this decision often boils down to easy answers like patients are nicer or I couldn’t pick a specialty so I figure all women everywhere was a good one. Writer Alyssa Shelasky polled ten doctors between 30-70 years old and here are the best snippets:

It might sound strange coming from a doctor, but I’m kind of freaked out by sickness and death. Becoming an OB/GYN translated into life and family and the beauty of humanity for me. There’s so much hope in my office, not much doom and gloom!

I was originally in internal medicine, but that was right when doctors were beginning to “specialize,” and I couldn’t find six inches of the body to specialize in. Instead, I chose half the human race. Plus, I like women better than men. I’m not a sports guy. I gravitate to female conversation. The only caveat is I have no style.


This is the most striking response.

Of all the specialties in med school, I was sure gynecology was the one I wouldn’t want. As a straight male, I didn’t want to ruin my love of the vagina. Years into it now, I’m never more professional than I am with a patient. The vagina is so desensitized to me, I hardly notice anything about it. But if a woman is attractive, I do have to fight that part of my brain. I’d be lying if I said otherwise. I’ve had patients legitimately hit on me — one immediately after her abortion, and another right after a pelvic exam.


Keep it classy, ladies.

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