If you're ready for more photoshop hijinx and hilarity ( I know I am!) check out these photos for The Limited's luxe fit scoopneck tee which costs less than $20, comes in a variety of colors, and can be worn anywhere. Well, as long as that anywhere includes an emergency room because HOLY DISLOCATION BATMAN, look at what they've done to the model's elbows!

These photos, which were sent in by a user shopping for casual fashions at affordable prices (is that still what The Limited does? I only remember shopping at The Limited Too because they sold both neon slap bracelets and Spice Girls brand lollipops) depict a model with both of her elbows turned in as if they have been broken and with one arm much more elongated than the other. (In fact, that is what struck me first. Is that just the pose she's in or is The Limited going for a fashion-forward Dhalsim look here?)

I guess the biggest question here is how this made it on the website. There's nothing offensive about these elbows, so it isn't clear why they received such punishment. And if you look at the shirt's back view, it looks like someone went wild with the blur tool. Someone with only a fleeting understanding of human limbs. (The artist is a replicant!)

"What do elbows look like?" I imagine the artist asking themselves as they pored over their hundredth elbow photo of the day, long since the idea of elbows had lost all meaning. "Let me just fire up this blur tool and rub it around until it feels right." Speaking of which, this may be just because I've been looking at this photo for the past 20 minutes, but does the entire shirt look like it's drawn in MS paint to anyone else? Am I just losing it here? You've done it The Limited. You've broken me, too.