Last night Matt Dillon was arrested traveling 106 mph in Vermont, and this morning Charles Barkley was arrested on suspicion of DUI. Yesterday, Slate asked the inevitable question: why are so many celebrities bad drivers?

Most of us can probably list at least a few celebrity arrests. If you don’t remember Paris Hilton’s DUI, you might still have heard about Britney’s driving-with-a-baby scandal. It seems like every time a celebrity gets behind the wheel, it makes national news. But, Slate argues, this does not make celebrities bad drivers. They are just overexposed and driving in more dangerous conditions than the rest of us — due to the paparazzi and all. The good news: we don’t care! Bad behavior in cars is usually viewed as a “folk crime,” so even though it may be dangerous to drive after a few drinks, enough people have done it that it no longer seems to count as “real crime.” Celebrities: they’re just like us!


Oops! She Crashed It Again [Slate]

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