Why Can't 1994 Mitt Romney Run for President?

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Depending on who Mitt Romney is trying to win votes from — progressives in Massachusetts or red-state dwellers across the nation — he's a completely different person. 1994 Mitt was kind of awesome: a LGBT newspaper called the Bay Windows actually argued that Mitt Romney would be better for gay rights than Ted Kennedy because he spoke out in support of the gay community. It's not like Romney simply alluded to the issue, either; here's what he told the paper:

"I think the gay community needs more support from the Republican party and I would be a voice in the Republican party to foster anti-discrimination efforts."

Can you imagine Romney ever sitting down with an LGBT reporter these days? Of course not — he wants to federally ban gay marriage, not "foster anti-discrimination efforts." What a difference 16 years and a whole lot of Tea Partiers make!

In the same interview — are you sitting down? — Romney praised his mother for advocating for the legalization of abortion. Yes, the same Mittens we all know and love are forced to tolerate for hopefully just six more months volunteered information that connected him to the pro-choice movement. "My mom was a U.S. Senate candidate in 1970, before Roe v. Wade. My church feels that abortion is not a good choice. However, my mother advocated for the legalization of abortion," Romney said.


It's too bad we can't go back in time and tell voters that Romney would make a complete 180 when it came to the biggest race of all. (While we were visiting 1994, we could also stop by the White House and tell Bill to stay away from Monica.) Might it concern his supporters that the only constant in his life is Mormonism? Nah, probably not: at least he's better than that Hussein fellow who wasn't even born here.

In 1994 Romney Praised His Mom For Championing Abortion Rights Before Roe v Wade [Politics USA]

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Seoul Sister

The man used a story about one of his relatives who died in a botched unofficial abortion to argue for why he believed abortion should be safe and legal and protected.

He has used the same story since to argue for why he thinks abortion is a terrible tragedy that should be illegal and stopped.

That's not a little thing. That's not "Oh, I rethought my policy a little." That's not "I've had a change of heart."

It is a cold, cruel calculation. It is deceitful, and disgraceful. As a public official, as a leader, his words have consequences, and because of that, it is also evil.

The stuff from 1994 is nothing but that.