Why Be A Mom Now When You Can Be One In Ten Years?

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Young? Single? Career-oriented? Worried you may never meet Mr. Right? Not sure about adoption? Get your eggs to a freezer! A new scientific breakthrough allows women to prolong fertility, reports the Mirror. Although it has been possible to freeze embryos for years, now eggs can be frozen and used for in vitro fertilization later. The benefit? A woman of 40 is more likely to get pregnant using eggs frozen in her early 30s than with her 40-year-old eggs. Plus, when freezing embryos, it's often a "joint ownership" situation between a man and a woman. If the couple splits, the man can refuse to give the woman consent to use the embryos. With eggs, the woman has "sole ownership." She can have the eggs thawed and use them when she wants.

The success rate isn't great, but it's the same as with standard IVF: 25-35%. Dr Gillian Lockwood, medical director at a fertility service that offers egg freezing, doesn't want to encourage women to freeze their eggs if they can "have a family at the normal time," but admits "I'd much rather that a 42-year-old woman used healthy frozen eggs from her 30s, than took a chance on her "time expired" eggs from her 40s and not get pregnant." But 40% of her patients are women who just want frozen eggs as an "insurance policy."

This can be because they're focused on a career, seeking financial stability or don't have a partner. Women who fall into this non-medical category can expect to pay at least £2,500 ($5,000) for the procedure.


Hey, no one said postponing motherhood was gonna be cheap. Let's just hope that career you're putting first is a lucrative one. But if you're not interested in having kids at all, don't worry — you're saving the world.

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@so5minutesago: @dingosmom1: My mother is an in vitro specialist. There are many, many reasons that women choose to freeze their eggs or decide that they want to get pregnant later in life - as many reasons as there are for women who decide to have children in their 20's or early 30's.

The "system" of which you speak sometimes fucks up. A small but vocal # of Brendas were born Brians and science helped them discover their true identity. Why should women who legitimately thought that she would find perfect guy and have perfect family be "frozen" out?

For the most part, it's an agonizing decision and, approximately, less than 20% ever end up having a child in this fashion. Some even do decide to adopt.

Reproductive ethicists are dealing w/ the idea of "when is too old" (or too fat, etc) on a daily basis. To say what "just isn't right" makes it sound like the most horrible and selfish thing in the world. We don't know that. And we won't know the true effects until this first wave of babies born to older moms are adults and can provide legit comment and guidance on the subject.