"What do women want?" Don Draper asked in the first season of Mad Men. "Who cares?" Roger Sterling replied. The Twitter trending topic #whatdowomenwant, hovering near the top thanks to being coined by Usher yesterday, offers a few more options.

It all started, rather banally, with this tweet from Usher.

Along with #confessiontime, which he also proposed, the hashtag has been the first or second-most tweeted about in the last 24 hours or so. Unfortunately, very few of the answers are as engaging as the chocolate penis that ejaculates money. (Or, if you prefer, few are as disturbing).

We'll spare you the litany of men piping up to say that women want them, or that it's impossible to say what women want because they keep changing their minds, or, again, who cares.

This young man, famous for his sisters' reality show, had his own opinion. What do you think he means by good hair?


Speaking of hair, this is important.


In an equally practical vein:

There was some talk of women just wanting to be appreciated.


And women settling for less than what they're worth.

But this was our favorite:


We do love that! It's not like it isn't nice to be asked, but it's also not that hard to ask a particular woman what's true for her — at that particular moment, or beyond, knowing that it might change.