Why Are These Lady Scientist Lego Figurines So... Shapely?

Illustration for article titled Why Are These Lady Scientist Lego Figurines So... Shapely?

Lego is soon to launch a new "Research Institute" play set, starring a trio of female scientists. It's based on a concept submitted to the Lego Ideas contest by geochemist Dr. Ellen Kooijman. Which is great!


Except... the good doctor posted an early peek on her blog (via Scientific American), and while the vignettes look perfect, see the negative space at each minifigure's waist? Even Legos must be perfectly hourglass-shaped, it seems. It's like they used Photoshop for plastic. Yes, I know that sounds ridiculous, but seriously, what the hell?

Kooijman, for her part, is pleased with the results: "It was important for me to convey the message that most scientists wear casual clothing," she said. But you'll notice her original designs are just traditionally shaped minifigures—which aren't exactly humanlike, to begin with. Even stylized plastic children's toys can't outrun beauty standards, I guess.

(h/t Hunter Walker)


I'm just happy that the box has no indication that it's a set of women scientists. Just a Research Institute with scientists. Full stop.

Forget the waists, what's up with their facial expressions?