Why Are People Obsessed With Jennifer Aniston's Love Life?

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You guys, can we talk about Jennifer Aniston for a second? Polly Hudson wrote a piece in today's Mirror blaming us — you, me, the public and the media — for rendering Jen "undateable." Ms. Hudson writes: "We have her love-life's blood on our hands because, even though she's a successful, beautiful, rich celeb who probably has a pretty fun life, we don't believe she can be content unless she finds love. We're desperate for her to get married, have a baby and be blissfully happy ever after." Respectfully, I must cry: Bullshit.I do not give a fuck what Jennifer Aniston does with her life. I don't think that she needs a husband and a baby, that she will never be content unless she finds love. But! I do think that someone somewhere does think that. If not about Jennifer Aniston then about themselves. And I think poor Jen has become the receptacle for all the single-girl insecurities. She's got gobs of money, a fit body, great hair and possibly, a skilled cosmetic surgeon. Some women seem to think, "If she can't find love, what hope is there for me?" And not only does Jen represent the fears single women have about themselves, she embodies the irrational terror the rest of the world has about single women. Despite the fact that she has never made any comments supporting these facts, she is painted in the press as a "high-maintenance, desperate, wannabe bridezilla who'd poke holes in your condom with a pin as soon as look at you." (Ms. Hudson's words.) How did it come to this? And why does Ms. Hudson hold us accountable? Plenty of celebrities find love — in as much as two self-obsessed shallow people can love each other. But if Jennifer Aniston really wanted to dedicate herself to getting hitched, she would probably stop dating celebrities. There must be some independently wealthy businessdude out there (that way she knows he's not after her dough) whom she could date. But the truth is, she may not want a husband and a baby. She may want to shag Brad Pitt, models and rock musicians and move right along. Why do people care so much?

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We've Made Jennifer Aniston's Love Life The Pitts [Mirror]



I do think there are definitely a good number of people who'd rather project themselves & their expectations onto her than leave her alone. I think the tabs (and her publicist?) definitely exploit it. But if it wasn't Jennifer, those same people will do it to someone else (Jessica Simpson, Cameron Diaz). The article doesn't really make me want to cry Bullshit because there's a lot of lonely, fucked-up people out there.

Along the lines of what graham_but_not_a_cracker said, I think the phenomenon of elevating celebrities to demi-god status is alarming, but also fascinating.