Here's Your Chance to Visit Queen Elizabeth's Candy-Colored Wardrobe

Queen Elizabeth II’s closet or candy store? You’d be forgiven a little confusion if you stumbled unawares onto “Fashioning a Reign,” a new exhibition dedicated to the monarch’s clothing choices.


The exhibition—which marks the queen’s 90th birthday—comes as part of the annual opening of the Buckingham Palace State Rooms. It’s pure costume porn. They’ve got her wedding gown, of course, along with the intricate veil.

Plus many years’ worth of formalwear, including midcentury ensembles.

As well as more modern looks, including the dress she wore while accompanying Daniel Craig to the opening ceremony of the London Olympics.


The nice thing about all these brightly colored getups designed to be spotted in a crowd is that you’ll maybe be able to see them in the middle of a jam-packed exhibition, as well.


And, of course, they’re got plentiful hats. “Clothes are never allowed to get in the way of whatever it is she is there to do,” curator Caroline de Guitaut told the Guardian. “Both the hats and the colour lend a sense of visibility. The hats, in particular, enable those around her to see her instantly.” Too bad that “being queen” is one of the last occasions that calls for hats.

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Whose gonna buy me a plane ticket and send me because I NEED TO GO.

I’ve always had a weird fascination with her gowns from her early reign. They are amazing.