OMG! Juicy blind item. Which celebrity mother is making the other mommies paranoid? This question appears in the column of Dr. Joyce Brothers today: "Dear Dr. Brothers, I am up against a rather delicate situation as a new parent at a nursery school, and I've decided to ask your opinion... My child is an adorable little boy (yes, I know it's not proper to brag, but it is true), and in his rather upscale school, he has been asked for a play date with a little boy who is there mostly because of his very famous mom, a film actress. She wants my child to go over to her house for some reason (she says he is so cute). But I'm afraid she just wants to use my son, and the whole thing feels almost abusive to me. What do you think?" C'mon ladies, who is the shady lady trying to lure little boys to her gingerbread house? [Seattle Post-Intelligencer]