What's your reaction to NBC's Peter Pan Live!? Fart noises? Fart noises with a little shimmy dance so it looks like your whole skeleton is also making a fart noise? YO, MINE, TOO.

Here's the latest trailer for the EPIC TELEVISION EVENT that stars Allison Williams (in a bad wig) as Peter Pan as well as Christopher Walken (in a bad wig) as Captain Hook. This happens to be the first preview that shows any singing and it all sounds... fine? I don't know—Williams participates in a floor-slapping dance routine á la "Cups," and the rest of the music is fairly unmemorable because this is Peter Pan, not Grease or a musical that most people care about.


The majority of viewers won't be tuning in because of nostalgia or the love of the show. (They'll be tuning in to see a fly-wire break.)

Peter Pan Live! airs December 4th. Once again, the exclamation point is attributed to NBC, not our enthusiasm.