So we all know that some shit went down at Casa Cuckoo (aka the Spears residence) last night, and that Jesus finally took the wheel in the form of nine police cars and three ambulances that delivered Britney into the hands of mental health professionals. But really, considering the amount of middle-of-the-night media coverage on this event — which managed to eclipse the Iowa caucuses this morning — are we just as unbalanced as Brit? Watch this video clip and you'll wonder. It shows the swarms of paparazzi (maybe about 30 of them) outside of Britney's place, which at this point is totally to be expected. But the obsession escalates to chaotic (pun intended!) proportions as the ambulance carrying the pop star pulls away, and the paps start sprinting after it, desperately trying to get one last shot. It's sick and fucked up, but what's more fucked up is that these are the people who care about her the most — more than her family, even — at least in her mind. But the crazy thing is, she's probably right.

Everyone knows about Britney's twisted, co-dependent relationship with the paparazzi. They exist for her and she exists for them. She says she hates them, but she probably wouldn't know what to do without them. Think about it: They go out for coffee together like everyday; they're always going shopping together; the paparazzi pump her gas for her; they told her that her sister Jamie Lynn was in the family way; and she may be fucking some of them.

We don't really know what the hell is going on inside Brit's head, but we all seem hellbent on finding out. But there is such a thing as shared delusion, in which mental illness becomes sort of contagious. So maybe it's about time we backed the fuck off.