Who's Behind View From The Fourth Row?

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Our favorite magazine-industry blog, the anonymously-penned "View From The Fourth Row", has a new post up: A blind item about a "true life editrix" (we hate that word, "editrix") who is said to love her BlackBerry so much she'd take it into the shower if she could. We don't really care who this unnamed fashion editor is — Self-obsessed fashion editors! What next? — but the item serves to remind us of our longstanding obsession with another unnamed fashionista, that is, the person (we are thinking it's a she) behind the blog itself, because even though we don't know/care who she's talking about, she's got some righteous fucking anger, so its sort of like watching an Italian flick we don't quite understand:

Talk about high school...fashionistas are the worst. Let's take Karolina (ok, names have been changed to protect...ok, maybe not PROTECT since really, when did I start to give a shit about these assholes?...anyway as I was saying...names have been changed so that I don't get sued for defamation of character!)...


To which we say: Bravo! But who the fuck is she already? Some suggestions have been bandied about, and we've parsed the possibilities a bit ourselves, but as of now, nothing. And we're certain some of you people know who she is. So cough it up.

Update: Fashionista's Faran Krentcil says we misread her clue, explaining: "If the 'View from the Fourth Row' blogger is working from the building from Devil Wears Prada, she's not necessarily working from 4 Times Square. Remember, in the film, The Devil Wears Prada building is actually the Time Warner building - you can see it at the beginning, when Andy's coming out of the office." Ok, we are appropriately humbled, and totally on this.

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