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Rabblerouser/Celebrity Big Brother contestant Germaine Greer is lashing out at the late Princess Diana for no apparent reason (well, except for all that gratuitous dog and pony show-ing about the 10-year anniversary of her death) calling the royal icon "slow", "devious" and "disturbingly neurotic." Disturbingly neurotic? Seriously? Is the infamous Ms. Greer (she of such pseudo-feminist tomes such as The Female Eunuch) really going to use one of those "bad" words that feminists (not to mention the most recent edition of the Diagnostic And Statistical Manual) hate to hear directed other women? Why yes she is, and in fact, she's got another barb to throw Diana's way: She was a bad dresser!

As for Diana's fashion icon status, Greer dismisses her 'nondescript' sartorial choices as comparable to that of female TV newsreaders. 'Diana was never a fashion icon; she dressed to the same demotic standard of elegance as TV anchorwomen do, plus the inevitable hat.'


At least Germaine didn't compare her to a "weathergirl." Then the we'd really be pissed. Diana Was 'Devious, Slow And Disturbingly Neurotic' Mocks Germaine Greer [Daily Mail]

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