Oprah was kinda serious all week, with her quitting smoking campaign, MLK Day special, and adult children of divorce episodes. So for this week's Lady Bunch, the focus will be on Tyra (duh), and Whoopi Goldberg's increasing disdain for her View co-hosts. Clip above, and, as always, lots more after the jump.

You know, I can't help myself — I always want to talk about this woman.

It's like I have Stockholm Syndrome, except that nobody is forcing me to watch her five hours a week (six during Top Model cycles, and like 10 times that if there's a Top Model marathon on VH1).

Back when Barack Obama, the first of the presidential hopefuls to sit on TyTy's couch, was on her show, I joked that she would probably eat ribs with him, or at least talk about them. She didn't. She did, however, eat Wendy's with John Edwards. Well, actually, he didn't want any, so she ate it alone.


And then she played a game with him: Presidental, in which she showed Edwards pictures of teeth and he had to guess to which president they belonged.

Those were Jimmy Carter's up there. Can you guess these?


JFK's. How about these?

George W. Bush. John Edwards actually said "ew" when he saw those pop up on the screen before he even knew who they belonged to. They are really nasty, though. They look like when Pee Wee gives Francis that trick gum, and his mouth fills up with ink, in Pee Wee's Big Adventure.


Wanna see something else gross?

That woman had a botched tummy tuck. The scar is unattracrive and all, but the worst part about the whole thing is that the doctor lifted her skin so high, that he pulled her pubic mound up past her pants, so she has to shave that entire area every day, or else she gets pubes growing out of her belly button.


Lastly, I know I make fun of the woman and I kinda loathe a lot about her, but I did genuinely love this:

She did a show on fitness and refused to do the routines or exercises with people! If I had a show, and that was on the schedule, I'd be the same damn way. It's especially awesome because she actually wore pants that accentuated her lil' belly, and looked at the abs instructor like, "Screw you, where's my Wendy's?"