Today, while discussing Carrie Prejean's LKL appearance, Elisabeth Hasselbeck defended Prejean's defensiveness by demanding that the other View panelists "be fair" to her. Whoopi—referring Prejean's View appearance Tuesday—said she personally found her to be "a little bitchy."

While I think that Perez Hilton—who has repeatedly called Prejean a bitch, among other nasty things—has been out of line, I don't believe the same is true for Whoopi. Whoopi referred to Prejean's hostile and defensive demeanor and attitude as "bitchy" during an interpersonal exchange. There's a big difference between calling someone a name, and describing someone's behavior. The former is an insult and the latter is an inference.

Elisabeth didn't seem to grasp that, and accused "the liberals" of "hating" Prejean "for no reason." You can be sure that Joy checked her on that.