Who Would You Want to See in the Whatever Happened to Baby Jane Remake?

Obviously no one, no one can ever top Joan Crawford and Bette Davis. Seriously epic legends, both. But, as Jim Brooks reports for the LA Times, director Walter Hill would like to do a new version of the 1962 "delicious hot mess of black comedy/chiller thriller." Among Brooks's casting suggestions: Meryl Streep and Glenn Close, Faye Dunaway and Shirley MacLaine, Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston, and Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. Ha!


In case you don't know the plot, here's the gist of it: Jane was a big vaudeville star when she was a kid. Then she became all washed up and her sister, Blanche, turned into a huge movie star. One night, there's a car accident. It's unclear which sister is driving, but Blanche ends up in a wheelchair, and Jane takes care of her. They become freaky recluses, and as Blanche tries to restart her film career, Jane goes more and more off the rails. Cue the crazy faces and dead animals! How about Lohan for Baby Jane?


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Um...Baby Jane?

(The mod, natch.)