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Who Would Win in a Drink-Off: Don Draper or Tyrion Lannister?

Illustration for article titled Who Would Win in a Drink-Off: Don Draper or Tyrion Lannister?

Mad Men and Game of Thrones are two of the most talked about shows on Sunday night television (maybe on all television altogether), but what else do they have in common? One thing is for sure — all of the characters, whether they be from Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce or the Seven Kingdoms, love to kick back with a drink. Vulture has graciously rounded up the drinking scenes from both shows and put them head to head in the biggest booze competition since your college beer pong tournament. Grab yourself a glass of scotch (or a skin of wine), lean back and let the games begin.


Mad Men vs. Game of Thrones: The Drink-Off [Vulture]

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Well, something to consider: as medieval Europe is the inspiration for Westeros, you have to figure that the wine is watered down and not as potent as our wine today. Also... sorry, but when it comes to drinking, size matters. I'm going to have to give this one to Don Draper.

That said, Tyrion Lannister wins at life and if he lived in America in the 1960s and decided to go into advertising, Lannister Lannister Baratheon Bronn would blow SCDP out of the water... with wildfire.