Who Wore It Best: Kate Middleton/Blair Waldorf Edition

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William and Kate stepped out for the first time post-Honeymoon in their official public appearance for a charity event last night in London. Yet all we could think about was, "haven't we seen this gown somewhere before?"


As it turns out the dress, by designer Jenny Packham, is nearly identical one that Blair wore in Gossip Girl's 4th season finale. Perhaps most ironic is how Blair's storyline at the time involved her falling in love with a French Prince named Louis, whose mother was vehemently against his engagement to a commoner. Ahem.

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I can't believe I am writing this, but that was not the season finale of Gossip Girl. It was two episodes prior, the one where Blair got engaged to Prince Louis and Chuck punched glass behind her head leading to some serious online debates about whether or not the show glamorizes abuse.

As much as I like sparkly!Blair's look (even the curls which many people thought were too much) Kate wins the look. She is more relaxed and happy. I also think about the modernization of royalty when I look at Kate and GG inspires more troublesome thoughts.