Congratulations to Elisabeth and Tim Hasselbeck, who welcomed their third child, Isaiah Timothy, into the world this morning. But now that Elisabeth's on maternity leave, who will fill her shoes on The View? A few suggestions, after the jump.

Sarah Palin:Now that Palin is no longer a Governor, The View would be a good place for her to continue to push her ideas and keep her face on America's tv screens, and the publicity would be insane for the show, as well. Her friend, Elisabeth, would certainly approve. And just think of the joy it would bring Joel McHale and the crew of The Soup! Comedy gold, my friends.

Ann Coulter Hasselbeck's absence leaves the panel with a blonde, conservative spot to fill. Coulter, however, probably wouldn't be the best fit. One gets the feeling that either Joy Behar or Whoopi Goldberg would end up leaving the set in disgust 10 minutes into the first program. And a black cocktail dress isn't really the ideal outfit for morning tv. Bummer, as that's all Ann seems to wear, EVER.


Meghan McCain: This one is actually quite interesting and probably the most likely choice on our list. McCain is likable (even if you don't like her politics), warm, able to discuss more than just politics, and could fill Hasselbeck's role as the token blonde Republican quite well. Not only that, but McCain's Republicanism and Sherri Shepard's conservative views could often end up at odds, which would provide pretty great conversations (or, in View land, pretty great periods of everyone screaming at the same time.) McCain is also only 24 years old: might be nice to have someone under 30 on the panel for a change.


Heidi Montag Like Elisabeth, she's apparently qualified to speak on behalf of younger women because she's been on a popular reality show. She'd bring her love of Jesus, stupid Playboy shots, terrible music, and men with flesh-colored beards to the table. Where Elisabeth railed against abortion, Heidi could warn us all against the robot invasion that's coming to take us away, or whatever it is she's into this week. And just think of the musical performances! Or don't. It's probably better that way.

Of course, these suggestions are all made under the assumption that The View will fill Elisabeth's seat with someone like-minded (and probably blonde), though it would be great—and surprising—if they went the opposite way and had a pro-choice woman fill in for Hasselbeck, instead, if only to provide a different representation of women under 40: with Elisabeth gone, the youngest woman on the panel is Sherri Shepard, 42. Who do you think will fill the seat?

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