Says NPR, "China has 130 billionaires and at least 21 of them haven't gotten married." Enter The "Golden Bachelor Dating Agency!"

The Golden Bachelor threw its first matchmaking ball yesterday at Beijing Jun Wang Fu, a hotel known for what the Independent calls "Qing Dynasty-style décor". The 21 billionaires, presumably, volunteered for the 100,000 yuan ($14,000) a head event. The 22 women ("Lottery"-style, one would presumably leave sans billionaire) were scouted by "love-hunters" or, alternatively selected in beauty pageants. Once at the matchmaking event, the ladies sang, danced, modeled wedding gowns and, wait for it, cooked.

Said one female attendee, "Every girl has the right to pursue happiness. I just want to avoid the problems I may be forced to face before falling in love. I came to this party in Beijing for free. I do feel precious about this chance to meet many successful and mature men." According to Golden Bachelor, 80% of attendees went on dates following the event. Pragmatism, one presumes, was on the menu.

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