Who sues a florist for nearly half a million dollars when the rust and green hydrangeas she ordered for her wedding show up pink and green??? (Related: who orders flowers in green?) A lawyer, funnily enough! And the case of Ms. Glatt and the less-than-kosher flowers is causing a commenter firestorm mostly re the whole "One Perfect Day" concept on the legal blogs, where they're calling the florist's case the "'We never promised you a rose garden' defense." And as for the whole "who the fuck orders green flowers" end of the mystery, a commenter who professes to have worked in Ms. Glatt's firm offers some insight: "We called her 'Party Pants.' The reason was that someone uncovered a spread from Mademoiselle magazine about 'What is your favorite item of clothing?' Elana was pictured in her leather pants (yes, leather pants), saying something like, 'I just love my leather pants. I call them my party pants. When I wear them, I know I'm ready to party!' And the world is ready to administer a puncture wound with a pastel pink corsage to your neck, sweetie. [Above The Law]