Have you heard the news? Romance is dead, and feminism is the culprit. We decided to come to her defense and suggest a few other possible perpetrators.

Lauren Jamison sets up her case against feminism by acknowledging the good things about feminism: more women in the workplace, female CEOs, yada yada. She then goes onto accuse feminism of ruining dating:

Feminism has grown and has been applauded by women everywhere, but when it comes to love and the act of dating is it possible that feminism has had an adverse effect on the age old game?

Men are no longer paying offering to shell out for both dinner and a movie, so something must be wrong, right? And since feminism has taught women to see men as pigs, it seems almost logical to blame the women's movement for the recent loss of romance. But before we convict feminism for murdering romance, we want you to consider a few other suspects.

Patrick Bateman. He's tall, dark, and handsome. Just the kind of guy romance might go for, and suave, too.


Professor Snape. Spoiler Alert! Snape killed Dumbledore. Is it possible that he avada kedavra-ed romance into oblivion as well?


Video. We all know what happened to the radio star. And who really knows when video might strike again?

Miss Scarlet. As we know, women can be killers nowadays too. Thank feminism for that. Perhaps it was in the library, with the candlestick.


What about Norman Bates? He clearly has serious issues with women.


O.J. Simpson. Issues with rage, problems with women, sounds like a deadly cocktail.

John Wilkes Booth. Because when you're writing an idiotic, reactionary trend piece, anything is possible, right?

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