Some criminal justice class is revisiting the Cold Case of Chandra Levy. (They're also looking at Tupac and Natalee Holloway. Fun!) Chandra disappeared and was murdered after she had an affair with California congressman named Gary Condit. Gary was a douche who tried to posthumously smear his former intern as a slut who had "several one-night stands" and now owes a bunch of money because he never paid the franchise fees on the Baskin-Robbins stores he opened after he lost his election. Now, I don't know where the public service lies in re-opening an extensively media blitzed case like Chandra Levy in lieu of some, you know, less-investigated missing person mystery or maybe, like, the anthrax attacks? But maybe it's just this:

To remind us what a phony piece of womanizing trash Gary Condit was. Seriously. Sometimes you feel bad for the wrongfully accused, you know? Not so much in this case. It's sort of like the Duke lacrosse player now working at Goldman Sachs at three hundred grand a year or whatever. I know I should, New Year's resolution-time and all, but there's only so much mercy...


Oh yeah, and there's also this picture. It reminds us of that, too. It has always been one of my faves.

Students To Examine Chandra Levy Case