Who Is The View From The Fourth Row Blogger? Here Are Some Guesses

Following today's report that the blogger behind bitchy fashion blog View From the Fourth Row is about to be unmasked (and perhaps fired), we thought we'd make a list of the most likely candidates. According to Fashionista's Faran Krentcil, the anonymous blogger is a) a woman, b) an accessories editor and c) employed by Conde Nast. While we'd love to believe that Vogue's Candy Pratts Price (left) is the culprit (perhaps her penchant for flipping the bird at fashion-loving women goes both ways), the 4 Times Square traitor is surely a lower-level-type editor ("fourth row" and all that). Here are some of the possibilities, not including accessories editors at the bridal magazines. (Bridal magazines? Like, yuck!)

  • Filipa Fino, Senior Accessories Editor, Vogue
  • Luisana Mendoza, Associate Accessories Editor, Vogue
  • Sylvana Soto-Ward, Associate Accessories Editor, Vogue
  • Rae Ann Scandroli Herman, Accessories Director, Glamour
  • Alison Hope Nichols, Senior Fashion Editor, Accessories, Glamour
  • Dawn Gabbriellini, Senior Accessories Editor, Lucky
  • Suzanne Singer, Associate Acessories Editor, Lucky
  • Taylor Tomasi, Accessories Director, Teen Vogue
  • Sarah Frances Kuhn, Associate Accessories Editor, Teen Vogue
  • Leah Karp, Accessories Director, Allure

Got a guess or the inside scoop? Pass it on!

Dear View From The Fourth Row: Love Is Blind. We Are Not [Fashionista]
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