Who Is The Elusive "JohnP" Of The Halliburton IP Address, And What Does He Have Against Rape Victim Jamie Leigh?

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Not much has been added to the "official" record on the case of the Halliburton rape, or for that matter the other Halliburton rape, or the subsequent cover-up of said rapes. But that hasn't stopped JohnP of a Kellogg, Brown & Root IP address from weighing in on the Boston-based message board Lemmingtrail on the charges:

As someone that has firsthand knowledge of this incident I'll tell you all that this case is a bunch of crap. She never mentioned on 20/20 that she tryed making a deal with her supervisors saying that if they would give her a job in Houston with the same salary she was making in Baghdad that she wouldn't say anything about the alleged "rape". She was also seen walking to breakfast the morning after the alleged "rape" hand in hand with the alleged "rapist".

Hmm, or maybe he was just holding her up so she didn't look like she couldn't walk straight after the attack?

As a worker in the medical field, I can tell you that 2 sips of a laced drink probably wouldn't be enough to render someone unconscious, let alone render them unconscious for a whole night. Also, The Green Zone is an extremely controlled environment. There are numerous searches people must go through before arriving on the base. It's pretty hard for me to believe that someone could smuggle "roofies" through both airports and military screenings. The rape kit that was administered at the hospital came back inconclusive, it never disappeared. I know several Green Zone firefighters and these guys are kind-hearted, patriotic heroes that are doing a dangerous job in dangerous conditions. To see them get dragged through the mud over something like this breaks my heart.


Well, we agree with you that getting "dragged through the mud" is a bitch, guy. Like, check out this commenter, from the ABC website:

I can sympathize with Jamie, I just returned from Iraq in Oct. after being terminated, R/T a fellow KBR employee assaulting me and two other women at the camp. I went to KBR security and gave them my story and they did not protect me, instead of sending the kbr employee out of camp while the ongoing investigation was continuing. The other two women and I had to see him around camp. I am a nurse and the assault occured with me in the medical clinic while the two paramedic coworkers were gone to lunch. After going foward, i felt like I was blackballed, Security and KBR ER, whom we are instructed to go to in case of a complaint, didn't work, they didn't protect me. This is not an isolated case. We all go to Iraq for the american dream to get ahead, Mine was to simply build a home and feel also like I was helping our soldiers in some small way, that they are not alone. Since returning to the states the trauma I went though is still with me daily. Posted by: tric430 12:00 AM


But something tells me innocent young men getting their good names tarnished is, like, maybe not the problem.

May 31, 2007- Lynn Falanga called me to tell me that the AUSA took on my case as an "intake" so that they could investigate my case diligently. In regards to the missing pictures and doctor's notes that were taken in Baghdad Lynn Falanga and I both called the doctor that performed the rape kit. The doctor stated to both of us that "I have no idea which rape victum you are because so many young contractor girls were raped after drinking with the guys" she also stated that "I performed so many rape kits in the six months that I was stationed there that there would be no way to recall whom yours was."


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The Jamie Leigh Foundation (She's a good painter! I mean, not that I have taste.)

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Rooo sez BISH PLZ

"Tryed"? Why is it these mouthbreathers can never use the English language?

Also, if I thought I had the (girl) cojones to make a deal with a company Dick Cheney owned, I'd think long and hard about whether I had any leverage. So if she tried to make a deal (which I don't believe for a minute; the only version I'd believe is that defendants tried to offer her something) then her only leverage to negotiate must have been that SOMETHING must have happened, hmmmm, sport?

And finally:

"It's pretty hard for me to believe that someone could smuggle "roofies" through both airports and military screenings."

Clearly this bozo missed numerous screenings of "American Gangster." Smuggling in military transport is soooo not a 21st century phenomenon.

Plus (OK, so I'm not done), why always "it's pretty hard to believe" in some snotty superior tone of voice? Same BS as some comments in the colorism post. Just because you didn't SEE it, DOESN'T MEAN it didn't HAPPEN, dumba**.