Who Gives a Shit if Mitt Romney is Nice to People He Already Likes?

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Last week, we all learned that GOP Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney was kind of an alpha dick in high school. But there's another side to Mitt Romney, a side that is actually kind of nice sometimes to people within his own religious community or people to whom he is personally connected. Um, congratulations for meeting basic standards of human decency?


The Daily paints a portrait of Romney that's vastly different from the one painted in the now-infamous Washington Post piece last week, insisting that while Mittens may have had his teen mean streak, as an adult, he was a loving family man and a devoted member of the Mormon church. Once, he dropped everything to pray with the President of a Mormon university at the bed of his ailing teenage son. Another time, Mitt chopped wood for the daughter of a Mormon bishop because her heat had been turned off. Another time, he paid the med school tuition for the daughter of a deceased coworker. And he organized a search party when a daughter of a fellow Bain employee went missing.

But The Daily piece is missing the point — what's at issue here isn't Romney's conduct in 1965; it's his ability to govern in 2012.

No one is arguing that Mitt Romney is exactly the same person he was in high school, back when he pinned a gay classmate down and cut his hair off in front of a cheering crowd of Cranbrook classmates (although in the wake of Cranbrookgate, Romney missed an opportunity to portray himself as an introspective, thoughtful person capable of growth and instead defended his past cruelty by saying he didn't remember). You could argue that unmitigated dickery to strangers is a much more telling personality trait than kindness to friends; every total jagoff I knew is nice to their friends. Hitler loved his dogs, yet renowned nice dude Jimmy Carter wasn't that excellent of a President.

The Presidential election is not a Best Friend Off. And if it were, Romney would have some catching up to do; Obama's Befriend Every Woman in America initiative has been underway for months.

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Anybody reminded of the advice Sirius Black gives to Ron and Harry after Hermione talks about Lucius Malfoy mistreating Dobby? You find the measure of a man in how he treats his inferiors, not his equals.

Of course, Sirius ended up being a verbally abusive twat towards Kreacher, so you know. Double standards.

But it's a good lesson!