On last night's premiere of Khloe and Kourtney in Miami, Khloe solidified herself as my favorite Kardashian when she hooked up with her coworker and woke up drunk the next day. Reality stars: Just like us at a younger age!

But to be serious: What really bothers me is this sentiment that Khloe is "big." When I hear or read about her being described as "plus size" or "the fat one," it upsets me in a very visceral way, because while I know that there's absolutely nothing wrong with being "fat" or "plus size" I wonder how these sorts of descriptions, when used as perjoratives, affect the self-esteem of women with similar builds.

That being said, I thought the coworker she hooked up with was cute, but he kinda was working the wrong angle when he told her his type is "big". Any woman who has been described that way โ€” particularly in relation to the size of her siblings โ€” probably doesn't want to hear about it in a context that seems to fetishize something that's been a source of ridicule and bad feelings.