Who Do You Think Is More Mad They Did the Same Photo Shoot of Blac Chyna: Paper or Elle?

Images via Paper and Elle.com
Images via Paper and Elle.com

It’s angel vs. devil in Blac Chyna’s newly released Paper mag and Elle.com photoshoots, and I have a few questions. Namely: which one was booked first and when did each team find out they had chosen to do mirror copies of same photoshoot? Were they mad at her for keeping that a secret? Was the Paper one always going to be a cover? How rude is it that this Elle shoot is not in the magazine?


While this happy accident is a mere symptom of the incredible consistency in the world of pregnancy photoshoots (especially of the nearly or totally nude varietal), it also displays a beautiful lack of creativity on the part of the teams behind them.

Images via Paper and Elle.com
Images via Paper and Elle.com

If you’d like to read this latest profile promoting the upcoming season of Rob & Chyna, at Elle.com, do so with caution; it contains sentences like, “According to ancient/sexist lore, baby girls rob their mothers of their beauty and wreak havoc on their bodies” and reveals that Chyna can be totally honest with Rob when she has bathroom troubles.

Our world.



Someone needs to tell photogs nowadays that they’re not being edgy or even original. It’s a trope that’s older than Blac Chyna.