The problem: Symone is innovative as hell too. The do-rag train that so delighted Loni Love and the rest of the judges this week follows a gorgeous, yet charmingly campy prizefighter look last week, not to mention a 90s-inspired power suit that she may have actually killed Linda Evangelista for.

Chances: Gottmik will really have to work to stand out as a queen who is more than impeccable, but she is wildly charming in her confessionals. If that can translate to the challenges, Gottmik is definitely a contender for the finals.


Possibly? Rosé is obviously a professional who got her ego knocked down a peg or two by losing the first lip-sync, though she’s been in the top two of every challenge since. Though most of her lines got cut in the RuPaulmark challenge, she obviously nailed it during the taping.


The problem: Rosé still has her head in New York and believes local celebrity Tina Burner is her biggest competition. But while that may be true on 2nd Avenue, on Season 13 of Drag Race, Rosé is going to have to be more than a consummate professional if she wants to do more than simply outlast Tina. Even Michelle noted Rosé’s ’80s business suit in the front/tulle party in the back runway look was “good, but I just want it more, more, more.” For example, her mullet wig could have also been a train to really drive her idea home. These are the details Symone and Gottmik are bringing while Rosé seems to be sticking with what worked back home.


Chances: Despite the opinions of everyone I text while watching Drag Race, I think Rosé stands to do pretty well this season, though she clearly was not ready for Symone.

Olivia Lux/Tina Burner 

Olivia is already a fan favorite, and it’s easy to see why. That absolutely delightful sweetness that comes through in her confessionals follows her to the challenges and the runway. But that sweetness can turn saccharine real quick if it comes off purely one-note in challenges. This week she was supposed to play a grandmother but came off as adorable little Liv wearing an old lady wig.


Tina is the opposite. She brings an incredibly self-assured (dare I make the reference) Sherry Pie energy to challenges she seems to believe she’s meeting easily. That straight out of the gate confidence has rapidly turned to overconfidence in past seasons and then subsequent bafflement over not doing as well as she thinks she should.


As Shea Couleé can attest, shit happens and sometimes the person who should win gets splashed with some rose petal vomit in the final round and has to postpone their win until All-Stars. Next week’s episode teases the potential for Symone being set back a bit by the fact that she can’t sew; perhaps that means that there is at least one path to victory around someone who has, thus far, yet to reveal a weakness. Or maybe Symone invents a whole new way of creating garments and changes the very concept of what clothes are for everyone forever. At this point, I wouldn’t be surprised.