Whitney's Daughter Bobbi Kristina Also Found Unconscious in Hotel Bath

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There were almost two tragedies in the family over the weekend, with sources revealing that Whitney Houston's daughter was found unconscious in a bath at the Beverly Hilton Hotel the day before her mother died in similar circumstances. Checked in under her mom's name and in a room on the same floor, friends grew concerned when she wasn't responding through the locked door and had to get security to let them into the bathroom -– where they found her asleep in the bath –- and help Bobbi out of the tub.


There is nothing to suggest that she was under the influence of any drugs or medication, just as there is no confirmation that she wasn't. Rough. [TMZ]
And the sad just keeps getting sadder, it's known that Bobbi was hospitalized on Sunday morning after learning of her mother's death but it turns out she was rushed there a second time that day after mixing booze and pills. "She tried to ease the pain of losing her mother by having a few alcoholic drinks," said a source. "She was distraught, on the verge of a complete breakdown. Not knowing what to do, members of her mother's entourage tried to calm her down with a sedative. The two were an unfortunate mix and she ended up passing out." Um, someone needs to get her mother's entourage far away from Bobbi. [Radar]
Understandably there are now suicide fears for Bobbi. [TMZ]
Not the best husband, let's hope he's a good father – because Bobbi Brown is now in LA to support his daughter. [E!]

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When a noted figure dies the jokes follow almost immediately, but it's going to be "Too soon!" forever when it comes to making fun of Whitney Houston, according to Kathy Griffin – who frequently used her for material in the past. "I saw her here at this event last year and the thing is, when you saw Whitney Houston, you know you were looking at a superstar," she said. "You know, I'm also a fan. I am a fan of so many people that I tease and bring up in my act. Whitney was certainly someone that I knew. I hosted awards shows that she was in. I went to her concerts. She didn't lip sync. She was just so awesome." [E!]
It's also too soon to be releasing Whitney's autopsy results, with police saying they are on a security hold. This is to stop magazines going nuts until the officials have time to investigate any shady goings-on. [E!]

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Together they died from a mixture of alcohol and prescription drugs, but Tony Bennett is using the deaths of Whitney Houston, Amy Winehouse and Michael Jackson to champion the legalization of street drugs. "First it was Michael Jackson, then Amy Winehouse, now the magnificent Whitney Houston," he said. "Let's legalize drugs, like Amsterdam, it's a very sane city now." [TMZ]
On a similar note, here is a classy article about all the stars, including Heath Ledger and Anna Nicole Smith, who have died of overdoses. [NYDN]
And why not celebrities who have died in hotels? Though they're going pretty old-school with Coco Chanel and Oscar Wilde. [Radar]
It may have been Whitney's night – well, and Adele's – but Amy Winehouse was also honored at the Grammys. Her dad Mitch saying: "We shouldn't be here. Our darling daughter should be here. [Billboard]

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Today in over-sharing, Susan Sarandon has some advice for those of you experiencing fertility issues – go to Italy and fuck everywhere. "Don't worry about it, eat, drink and fuck and you'll probably get pregnant," she said, adding that it's how she conceived her daughter, Eva Amurri. "And that's what happened with Eva on the Spanish Steps." Outdoor cleaners responsible for the upkeep of the famed tourist spot are no doubt thrilled at the suggestion. [The Sun]

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A ridiculous scandal has broken out among the residents of Brooklyn's Park Slope, with shoppers at the neighbourhood's food co-op up in arms that their famous fellow co-oppers aren't pulling their weight. You see, to get access to the organic quinoa and kale you need to pull a 45-minute shift each month – but local rich folk including celebrities like Maggie Gyllenhaal have been accused of sending nannies, PAs and cleaning staff down on their behalf. Though Gyllenhaal's rep is telling wowsers to suck a bag of dicks because the actress has done shifts and generally works in the backroom to avoid stargazing chaos. "Who would go [on her behalf]?" she says. "She doesn't have anyone in her employ except me, and I don't do it." [Page Six]

  • Diplo's 16-year-old self has clearly died and gone to heaven, Tweeting his excitement at smoking a joint with Rihanna and Dave Grohl. [Twitter]
  • Speaking of smoking and Rihanna, the singer was looking just that as she posed for a photo with Gwyneth Paltrow at the Grammys. [Who Say]
  • Some fanatical, moneyed-up 'mo shelled out $16,500 for a one-on-one dinner with Liza Minnelli, with the proceeds going to charity. I'm always curious as to what people talk about over these dinners – does the money spent negate the high probability of awkwardness? [Page Six]
  • Renowned infidelity aficionado Tony Parker has moved on from ex-wife Eva Longoria in an official context and has begun dating intriguingly named "French beauty" Axelle. [Page Six]
  • Fans of quality television had better stick a spoon in their mouths to avoid swallowing their tongue while undergoing the resultant pleasure seizure [writer's note: I know "doctors" say this doesn't work and is actually more dangerous but I heard it on Degrassi Junior High once so it must be accurate] upon hearing that Ryan Murphy is stepping back from Glee duties to create a new show about a gay couple and their surrogate. [Page Six]
  • Vanessa Hudgens is adding her name to the long list of people who want to take Ryan Gosling behind a middle school and get him pregnant. [Page Six]
  • Single just in time for a depressing Valetine's Day, Amanda Seyfried's boyfriend Justin Huchel dumped her. [NYDN]
  • Scarlett Johansson can't get enough of her new ad executive, non-special boyfriend, Nate Naylor. [NYDN]
  • Fellow substance abuse fanatic Melanie Griffith asked her Twitter fans to send Demi Moore a little mental lovin'. [NYDN]
  • So, it turns out that the dogs from The Artist and Hugo probably make more money than you. [E!]
  • If you ask me, babies are a demanding, oxygen-sucking gang of assholes. However, Mariah Carey's twins Monroe and Moroccan clearly use that precious oxygen to fuel their abundance of adorable cells. [E!]
  • It can take some of us years to move in with our respective others, but Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa are bandying marriage around after being together for a year. [US]
  • Normally "Who Wore It Better?" segments are lame, but Emma Watson's pre-BAFTAs party dress does look a LOT like figure skater Katerina Witt's 1994 Winter Olympics get-up. [TMZ]
  • It's not looking good for Halle Berry's ex Gabriel Aubry, with three-year-old Nahla telling the LA Department of Children and Family Services he scares her. [TMZ]
  • It may not be the most nuanced reason, but whatever gets people to the polls: Samuel L. Jackson says he voted for Barack Obama solely because he's black. "[Obama's] message didn't mean shit to me," he told Ebony. [TMZ]
  • Operation LeAnn Rimes Body Watch is still in full swing, with the singer forced to defend her frame once more. [Radar]
  • In the latest he-said/she-said when it comes to her on/off the wagon status – with the "he" referring to tabloid editors in this instance – Kelly Osbourne has been sprung drinking champagne. That or some champagne-like liquid from a champagne flute. It happens. [Radar]



Some options for how young Bobbi could have spent her weekend:

1) At a job

2) At school (College? High School? — not sure which)

3) In her own room at an ultra-luxury hotel, with access to alcohol, surrounded by drug-use enablers. "Feeling bad? Here, take this pill."

There are others, but #3 is such infuriating bullshit I don't even know how to continue.