Whitney Houston's Comeback Performance Sounded Rough

Listening to Whitney Houston today on GMA—her first major live performance in five years—it quickly became apparent that the life she's led is irrevocably inscribed upon her voice. After all, you can't go back and unsmoke a pipe.

Opening with "Million Dollar Bill," Houston's voice sounded thin and scratchy as she struggled to hit notes. Halfway through the song, she kind of even gave up singing. There are reports that ABC digitally "corrected" her performance—which was taped yesterday and aired today—meaning that it was actually worse live.

During an "impromptu" performance of "My Love Is Your Love," Houston's daughter, Bobbi Kristina, came out to sing. Whitney broke into free form, singing, "Me and Bobby's baby! Me and Bobby's baby!"

I miss the way things used to be. (Even though she was easily winded back then, too.)

Diane Sawyer was blunt with Whitney and said in front of a crowd of thousands, "I was worried for you."

She was referring to the last time she saw Houston, which was for a Primetime interview seven years earlier, in which Houston notoriously said, "Crack is whack," and requested to see receipts of her alleged crack purposes. Houston recently taped a lengthy interview with Oprah, that will air in two weeks. Houston claims that her voice had been worn out from answering Oprah's questions for so long.


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She sounds scratchy out of breath most of the time, and is saved by the backup track and backup singers.

Hey, and Madonna brought Lola on stage too last night: are they grooming the next generation of divas?