Whitney Houston Was Saving All Her Love For Jermaine Jackson

According to a new rumor from the toothless, sidewalk proselytizer of tabloids, The Sun, Whitney Houston and Jermaine Jackson were carrying on an affair in the mid 80s, beginning as early as 1984 when Jackson was still married to Hazel Gordy. The proof? Well, Jackson was so overwhelmed with grief that he couldn't even attend Houston's funeral, but if that isn't enough to convince you of an actual affair, The Sun would like to direct your attention to Exhibit A — Houston's 1985 song "Saving All My Love For You" about a woman involved with a married man, who, in the music video, looks an awful lot like Jackson. Moreover, Houston comforted Jackson after his brother's death in 2009, and in his 2011 book You Are Not Alone: Michael, Through a Brother's Eyes, Jackson reveals his strong feelings for Houston, writing, "As much as I wanted to lose myself in all these feelings, I told her to wait. Ultimately, we had to go our separate ways and it killed us both." One of the few people who allegedly knew about the affair while it was going on was Michael Jackson (because the King of Pop would most certainly know every little thing that was going on in his kingdom), but little brother did not approve of Jermaine's rumored infidelity. [The Sun, OMG]

  • How happy are you on a scale of 1 to 10? Even if you rate your happiness as high as the scale will allow, you aren't anywhere close to as happy as Jennifer Aniston, who rates her sense of self-satisfaction at "10-plus" ever since ditching New York for Los Angeles. Though boyfriend/publicity stuntman Justin Theroux still maintains an apartment in New York, Aniston explains that living in the city was like "living in a fishbowl" what with all the paparazzi attention, and is grateful to be back on the West Coast. "You have a more relaxed sense of the world and life," she says, "and you realize there's nothing to be taken too seriously besides doing your work and being a really good person." And that Southern California probably has was better weed. [People]
  • In news from Jennifer Aniston's parallel universe where ex-husband Brad Pitt might have continued to sap her life force, Diane von Furstenberg ardently defended Angelina Jolie's step-step-kick appearance at the Oscars, saying, "[Angelina's] always so gorgeous. I don't know why, but I think that people are just not nice to her." Von Furstenberg might be talking about Dr. Is-My-MD-Showing? Drew, who said Friday on The View that he sees "malnutrition" when he looks at Jolie, adding that the actress's thin frame should not be "an ideal of beauty." [Ministry]
  • Speaking of malnutrition, Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, and Liam Hemsworth kicked off what will almost definitely be a March of relentless Hunger Games promotion with their first stop on a U.S. Mall Tour at Westfield Century City in Los Angeles. Coming to a mall near you — hordes of screaming fans and the budding actors who are slowly realizing that the movie franchise they signed on for is going to ruin their social lives. If you look closely at the pictures of Hemsworth, you might be able to read the expression of a man who's slowly realizing that he'll be starring in increasingly low-budget Hunger Games sequels on TNT twenty years from now. [Just Jared]
  • Uggie, of the Jack Russell Uggies, has signed a new deal with Nintendo to endorse the gaming company's 3DS handheld device, in spite of the fact that, as a dog, Uggie has no hands, let alone the sense to use an electronic device. No matter — in America, anything is possible, and this story should only serve to shame you (and probably your lazy, toilet-lapping dog) for not being more of a go-getter like Uggie. Where are your bootstraps? [Us]
  • Khloé Kardashian is such a huge fan of Cheaters — the show that peels back the festering skin of America's relationship underbelly and pokes at it with a stick — that she's successfully convinced the show's producers to let her operate the hidden camera when the crew shows up to exploit people's misery. [Radar]
  • Kelsey Grammer and Camille Grammer have somehow dispensed with their acrimony to work out an amicable joint custody arrangement, by which their children will live with Camille while maintaining "meaningful contact" with their father, which may mean that he will use his Frasier Crane baritone to read them bedtime stories over a walkie-talkie. [TMZ]
  • No such goodwill exists between Christie Brinkley and her estranged ex Peter Cook — Brinkley has asked a judge to fine Cook $140,000 for sending her abusive emails and generally being an abusive creep. [NDNY]
  • What about Gabriel Aubrey and Halle Berry? They seemed to have worked out a peaceable way to share custody of their daughter Nahla, but Aubrey's recent demand that Berry give him a monthly stipend of $15,000 to $20,000 so he can provide Nahla with a suitably posh home might lead to some new wrangling. Aubrey is also asking for a "very large" amount of money with which to dress Nahla in fine silk garments, along with some travel money so she can visit Aubrey's family in Canada. Looks like Halle Berry better get on with that Catwoman remake because Aubrey's wish list sounds pretty expensive. [TMZ]
  • Ashton Kutcher got to put on a police windbreaker and tag along with San Jose police during a raid on purveyors of child pornography. Kutcher took part in the raids as a representative of Demi and Ashton Foundation, a non-profit he and Demi Moore dedicated to the eradication of sexual slavery. [TMZ]
  • The last impediment standing between us and a Tupac Shakur musical crumbled when the late rapper's mother Afeni Shakur gave a "thumbs up" to the production. The musical, Holler If Your Hear Me, isn't about Tupac personally — it's about two random friends from the Midwest and their extended families. Something to look forward to, though probably not that much — a Broadway premiere date hasn't been set, but casting begins next week. [TMZ]
  • Julia Stiles has taken a break from popping up in the Bourne movies and writing misguidedly hopeful Wall Street Journal op-eds about the Mets to star as an FBI agent investigating the disappearance of a cult-like group in the new NBC thriller Midnight Sun. Ooh, a paradoxical title! That can only mean one thing — the show's totally about vampires and we know this because Midnight Sun was the title of Stephanie Meyer's leaked Twilight companion novel. [Deadline]
  • Ralph McQuarrie, the conceptual artist who helped bring Star Wars to the screen, died at 82. McQuarrie sketched such iconic characters as Darth Vader, Chewbacca, R2-D2, and C-3PO, giving shape to the characters that George Lucas probably saw on a vision quest in the late 60s. [BBC]

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