Whitney Houston is Dead at 48 [UPDATED]

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UPDATE: According to TMZ, Houston's hairdresser and bodyguard were the first to find the singer with her face underwater in the bathtub in her room at the Beverly Hilton Hotel. A mix of Xanax and alcohol probably caused Houston to lose consciousness and drown in the tub. An autopsy has been scheduled, but a final verdict on the singer's cause of death may be delayed up to 6 weeks pending a toxicology report.

Just a few days ago, Houston was spotted leaving a Hollywood nightclub, disheveled, with scratches all over her body. Tragic.


Multiple outlets are reporting that Houston's bodyguard found her unresponsive in her room at the Beverly Hilton Hotel, where a police crime lab vehicle was seen outside. According to their sources, police responded within minutes, and paramedics attempted CPR before pronouncing the legendary singer dead at 3:55 this afternoon.


According to TMZ, Dionne Warwick (her cousin) and Cissy Houston (her mother) spoke with Houston 25-30 minutes before she died "and nothing seemed unusual." They talked about attending the Clive Davis pre-Grammy party at the same hotel, which was briefly rumored to be canceled but is apparently going on as planned, even though Houston was supposed to open the party.

Dionne "is an absolute mess" and Cissy is "hysterical," sources said.

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It appears as if I am the only one here to say this... but I feel it needs to be said...

It seems as if once celebrities are dead, they become saints: especially the tragic ones. There was a post here just a few days ago about Whitney's recent escapades, and the comments were NOTHING like they are now, AFTER her death.

I'm seriously not shitting on Whitney: I know what addiction can do to people, and it's seriously really sad. But really? Is no-one else a little sick of the celebrity-badwagonning that happens after EVERY MAJOR STAR DIES?!

(and yes: I'm looking at you, Every Single Person On Facebook Who Feels the Need to Express How Much They Loved Every Single Goddamned Famous Person Who Kicks the Bucket).