Whitney Houston Biopic Casts Bobby Brown Actor And It's ... Something

As Frank Ocean so eloquently crooned, we all try and that is what Lifetime is doing with their latest casting in the forthcoming Whitney Houston made-for-TV biopic. Last week, Yaya DaCosta was announced as the lead actress who will play Houston herself.


But Madame Noire shares that Belizean actor Arlen Escarpeta will play Bobby Brown, but he's not giving my "Rock Wit'Cha" just-out-of-New-Edition Bobby. I'm trying to picture Escarpeta humping the floor or a speaker and I'm struggling.

But I guess the gumby haircut helps?

Whatever happens, Lifetime's scriptwriters must acknowledge and try to re-create the couple's epic duet to sass all of their haters, "Something in Common." Whitney and Bobby were the original Chris Brown and Rihanna and respect to their bad song championing their poor decisions to date one another must be noted.

Image via Lifetime and Getty.

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