White Women To Oprah: You Chose One Black Man Over Millions Of Us

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Did you hear? Oprah Winfrey has officially endorsed Barack Obama, which is great! Unless you're one of Oprah's many female fans who are white... and Hillary supporters. There are a lot of women who were really hoping a woman would be president. Because, finally, a woman has a chance to win. And Hillary may have had a better shot with Oprah backing her. But Oprabama is in full effect, and now there's a thread called "OPRAH IS A TRAITOR" on the message boards of Oprah's own damn site. Politico blogger Ben Smith notes that the post has "4,988 comments, with thousands more under other posts." CNN reports that the commenters are upset that Oprah has seemingly chosen Obama because he is black, charge she adamantly denies. "I get a little... I guess the word is 'offended,'" Winfrey said on Good Morning America Wednesday.


"To think that I would be supporting someone just because of their skin would mean we haven't moved far from Dr. King's speech in 1963, where he said we should be judged by the content of our character not the color of their skin."

Unfortunately, her statement didn't go over well with some: "For Oprah to do a Martin Luther Kingish, our time has come speech was shocking to me," one comment read. "It didn't even sound like her. She DEFINATELY [sic] chose a black and white platform whether she admits it at all. I for one will be watching Ellen." Oprah has power, this has been proven. She's obviously an amazing woman, a role model and an icon. Politically, does she have to choose between her gender and her skin color? Why are people who claim to adore her making her feel as though she has failed them? And, as a woman who (one would think) wants other women to succeed, has she failed them?


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It's not surprising to me that her followers are confused; they've been led to believe up until now that she is pro-woman. I'm not really sure WHY she is supporting Obama over anyone else.

You can watch Oprah hour after hour after hour (I have actually done this in the coffee lounge at the downtown Toronto Y) and not get a clear idea about what EXACTLY she stands for on very many issues. She does a lot of hemming and hawing and outrage over violence against women and children (who ISN'T against it?), but what is her actual stand on most other political issues? The only thing I know about her approach to poverty is that The Secret works, and spending millions of dollars on one school in Africa will give Africa great female leadership. Perhaps.