White Pride Pendergrafts Are The New Prussian Blue

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Charity and Shelby Pendergraft are two teenage sisters who believe that their music has the power to bring white people together: they're the latest additions to the white supremacist music scene! Fortunately for humanity, they really suck.

Sonia Scherr from the Southern Poverty Law Center explains the origins of the Pendergrafts' hatred for Jews and people of color.

The blond, fair-skinned Pendergrafts come from a long line of Aryan activists. Their grandfather is veteran Klansman Thomas Robb, leader of the Arkansas-based Knights Party, and their mother, Rachel Pendergraft, serves as spokeswoman for the Klan group.


Some things, it seems, can be passed down.

Charity Pendergraft sporadically maintains a blog in which she posts attractive pictures of herself and her younger sister (she thinks her sister is, like, totally hot!) and talks about how important it is to teach kids that hate is good.

I believe that there should be many meetings much like that one. Where the focus is on the youth. People need to remember that they are the future and they have to be prepared for the responsibility of spreading the message of White Christian Heritage to all their white brothers and sisters. We need to encourage them and give them the right tools to stay faithful and push on. There needs to be a balance of inspiring speeches, truthful music, and having just plain fun with their white brothers and sisters.

She also covers their eating habits (Pizza Hut's a big fave) and their daily activities in stultifying detail.

Testimonials from their commercial site are about what one would unhappily expect.


Thank you for putting out a CD that my family can actually listen to. No hate, violence, swearing - just good solid white nationalist song writing. You make us proud!


Gotta get those kids early.

But, as Scherr notes in her piece, all the accolades from white supremacists and the hate-filled lyrics can't disguise one fact: the Perndergraft sisters really bite.

If that's the cultural shift white supremacists want to bring about, they've already lost everyone without a tin ear.


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Ha Ha! The ignorance that even bred these hateful children is just gross!

It's unfortunate that in 2009, people STILL think this way. It's been over 40 years since the civil rights movement. Obviously there is still some progress to be made, but i think we can all agree that minorities are not going ANYWHERE.