White House Turns To Head Off More Regina Benjamin Rumors

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As part of the typical post-nomination process, the White House provides reporters with a list of character witnesses to contact for quotes. For Regina Benjamin, one of those references was her prom date. Why, you ask?


This line from Cheryl Thompson's Washington Post piece is probably a good indication.

Benjamin has never been married and has no children.

And we all know what that means, right? Right? Why, if she's not married at her age, she must be a lesbian

But, oh, ho! Not so! She was a cheerleader and wore dresses!

Friends describe Benjamin as the girl who wore pretty dresses when everyone else was wearing T-shirts and blue jeans. A cheerleader, she was one of the most popular girls at the integrated Fairhope High School, where she was active in the drama club, student council and the honor society.

In case you were wondering, why, yes, Benjamin is a practicing physician, the recipient of a MacArthur genius grant and honors from Pope Benedict and one inspired by Mother Teresa.

Also, she went to her high school prom with a boy.

Earl Packer, Benjamin's longtime friend and high school prom date, called her nomination for surgeon general "well deserved."


Well, so, that's settled, much like how the White House made sure everyone knew the currently-single Sonia Sotomayor was divorced and was thereafter affianced. Now we can get back to debating the important issues, like whether or not she's too heavy to serve.


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I'm straight and my prom date in high school, two years in a row, was my best friend. But it was par for the course. The idea of having a date for prom was a little laxed where I lived. It wasn't a big deal.

Also, unmarried and childless at her age. Gee, maybe it has less to do with her sexuality and more to do with her work. This woman has tirelessly devoted her life to healthcare. Doesn't seem to leave too much time to much else. It may not be the reason at all, but it's higher on the list than the possibility that gasp, she might be gay. Which, by the way, I'm sicking of people suggesting when you're older and unmarried.

Forgive me, but did anyone else ask that about Condoleeza Rice??