White House Dress Code Is A Total Croc

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The Washington Post reports that the White House has taken to reminding everyone — tour groups, press, staffers — that proper attire is to be worn at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. An email outlined the rules: "No jeans, sneakers, shorts, miniskirts, T-shirts, tank tops and NO FLIP-FLOPS." One former aide remarked: "Do they have nothing else to do?" Good Point. A current aide spills, "When the Clintons came in, all hell broke loose" in terms of dress code. Which leaves us wondering... Is there a correlation between approval ratings and wardrobe leniency? For instance: No one likes a fascist, and they're totally into uniforms! On the other hand, saxophone-playing, free-wheeling Clinton got the job done and rocked jeans quite often. Maybe if W wore his Crocs inside more often he might have a chance at saving his 'legacy'.


White House Posts Its Fashion Do's and Don'ts [WaPo]



@BiscuitDoughJones: the website says that they're odor resistant. . .but yeah can't bring myself to do buy them.

On the White House dress code. Can you wear a tank if it's for layering? Can flip-flops and sneakers be worn in as long as you change once you get to work? How do they enforce it upon the tourists?

I saw something recently about the 10,000th visitors (or something) to the White House, who visited during the Kennedy administration and got their pics taken with the man. There were parents with two girls and a boy. People wrote the mother because they were so impressed the girls were wearing skirts. It was the early 60s! I thought skirts were mandatory back then or something. In other words, the tourists weren't buying a dress code then, why would they buy one now?