The Washington Post reports that the White House has taken to reminding everyone — tour groups, press, staffers — that proper attire is to be worn at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. An email outlined the rules: "No jeans, sneakers, shorts, miniskirts, T-shirts, tank tops and NO FLIP-FLOPS." One former aide remarked: "Do they have nothing else to do?" Good Point. A current aide spills, "When the Clintons came in, all hell broke loose" in terms of dress code. Which leaves us wondering... Is there a correlation between approval ratings and wardrobe leniency? For instance: No one likes a fascist, and they're totally into uniforms! On the other hand, saxophone-playing, free-wheeling Clinton got the job done and rocked jeans quite often. Maybe if W wore his Crocs inside more often he might have a chance at saving his 'legacy'.

White House Posts Its Fashion Do's and Don'ts [WaPo]