Real life BFFs ("we text") and Whip It! stars Ellen Page and Alia Shawkat talk about leeches, feeling sorry for the guys on the set of Whip It!, and their interesting movie choice on a recent trip to (wink) Amsterdam.

These clips are from an interview the two actresses did with journalist David Poland at the Toronto Film Festival, and what's interesting about them (to me) is their real-life-friend dynamic, which comes complete with nonsensical riffs, like the one about leeches in the clip above. And the fact that they have catchphrases ("weh. weh. weh."):

And I just liked this story about their trip to Amsterdam ("hanging out, going to museums"), when they decided to watch the (awesome) movie Diner (while, no doubt, on "coffee") and realized the guy who plays Ellen Page's character's dad, Daniel Stern, starred in it back when he was young and cute:

As a movie junket tag-team, Alia and Ellen have the makings (and the time) to become their generation's Paul Rudd and Jason Segel. The whole 30-minute interview can be found at Movie City News, where, unless it's my imagination, Alia teases Ellen about something pertaining to Drew Barrymore ("you're so cute") in the first thirty seconds. Not sure what that's about!

Whip It Stars Ellen Page & Alia Shawkat [Movie City News]