While Washington Post columnist Richard Cohen has spent much of his time as of late offending people, perhaps he's found an opportunity to redeem himself. Described by the New York Post as Nora Ephron's "longtime friend," Cohen has apparently been given the blessing from her family to write the biography of her life. His obit for Ephron was very nice.



Well, tenure as one of Washington's oldest two-bit hacks has its perks, I guess. Let's not forget his greatest hit:

This is where Colin Powell brought us all yesterday. The evidence he presented to the United Nations — some of it circumstantial, some of it absolutely bone-chilling in its detail — had to prove to anyone that Iraq not only hasn't accounted for its weapons of mass destruction butwithout a doubt still retains them. Only a fool — or possibly a Frenchman — could conclude otherwise.

Richard Cohen can go fuck himself.