You know how a few months ago you were thinking, oh shit, all the world's most charismatic dictators hate us, an energy crisis and a housing crisis are going to send the economy straight to hell, and if the terrorists don't get to us first their nukes will kill us all? Or like, something along those lines but a little drunker and dystopian and "maybe End Times will get me out of my taxes..."? Well, it's still true re the economy and the terrorists, of course, but Holy Mackerel did these guys take a hit over the weekend. It turns out that, much as they love Hugo, no one in Venezuela is really looking for "the next Stalin" in a leader. And Iran doesn't even have nukes! Nowhere close! Next thing you know they'll be telling us North Korea can't really blow us up...Anyway, in other news, something about all those Obama foreign policy fumbles about talking to our enemies and not acting like it's World War III when we have a health care/education/prison/etc. system to fix suddenly seeming like rational policy happened. Glad to be back!